Monday, May 16, 2011



  1. These are incredible, though I feel like a nerd for recognizing most of these.

    Are there only three Arrested Development ones, or did I miss some?

    And it's too bad the theme makes it impossible to utilize Phantom Limb's defining characteristic.

  2. Pretty Amazing! Are they for sale?

  3. This is wonderful, but I wish they included the titles of the pieces. The titles and placement of the frames in relation to each other added an extra level of humor that a picture of the work by itself can't capture.

  4. Well done! Great body of work. I had a blast looking through them.

  5. Wow. That was fun tolook through. Quite a talent!

  6. These are quite simply brilliant. I know I should recognise more than I did, but those I did delighted me :)

  7. Absolutely Amazing! You really have a great amoutn of talent!

  8. Can I buy one of these from you good sir and if yes would you be willing to tell me for what sum?

  9. I would definitely love the Reservoir Dogs myself, but it would have been nice, without being a spoiler, if the image filenames were a clue. Some of them were familiar but I had no idea.

  10. Not only are these REALLY well executed....
    but (I think more importantly) your choice of characters is so brilliant!

    I mean... you have characters like the Reservoir Dogs, Doug Funny, and Statler and Waldorf. Come on!


  11. So, so, so great. I only wish there was a cheat sheet for the character names; some were tantalizingly familiar. Please keep doing these!

  12. LOVE these! And I too must ask... are any of them for sale? Quite interested!!

  13. These are so awesome!! Love the variety of characters.

  14. Please make the robots from fifth element!

  15. Awesome! Loved trying to figure out the characters. I only recognized about half I think.

    I miss some Doctors though. Would make a great (if big) collage...

  16. loooooovely, so great work!!

    i recognised almost all of them, you should include a list with names ^^'

    congrats, sure succes! ;)

  17. I second what Katja said, every new one I saw I was thinking "wow, this is fantastic, I hope there's a Doctor Who piece"

  18. Are you willing to sell some of your artwork, because I am interested in buying some of them. let me know.

  19. Oooh. Here's my wallet, take my money! Or, as other has said, I'd love to buy a copy of these. :)

  20. Is it possible to buy some of these??? Thank's!

  21. Amazing! You really know how to capture the iconic element in each of these. So many potential desktops here!

  22. Brilliant stuff! Great to see you used the 'real' Dredd and not the movie rubbish! I'd be very interested in buying that from you...

  23. These are fantastic! Please tell me you plan on selling some of them.

  24. I am going to jump on the 'please sell one of these to me' bandwagon. These would be AWESOME as a small screen print or something.

  25. If you made prints and sold them for around $20, I would buy at least 8 of them.

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  29. Unbelievable. This made my day.

  30. Did I see Hank Venture wearing his Batman mask? Brilliant!!

  31. It looks like a few are missing from this set, namely Dr. Who and John McClane from Die Hard. In case anyone wants to see the whole set:

  32. Gorgeous.

    I do sort of wish you'd separated them into smaller sections & posted separately--this arrangement makes it hard to go back and look again in small doses. Also, there are individual ones I'd like to point out to friends.

    But again, gorgeous!

  33. I was looking for Deckard and BAM! xD

    PD. Spike Spiegel shilouette was totally killer.

  34. Oh My God! Olly they're amazing. Well done, sir.

    I demand the right to have prints of about 15 of these going up my staircase wall. Purplease!!!

    How do you still get personality in the black bits? How?

  35. so... that was way more cool than it possibly should have been. mad props

  36. Amazing... and I love that some are more obscure characters.

  37. These are really great! enjoy looking at them... Thanks for sharing....

  38. Purely awesome stuff.

    Good stuff, man.

  39. very nice, i like the first picture man with a hat. very creative blog.
    keep up your good works

  40. wow. that's cool. can you do one with my photo? lol. how much it'll cost?

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  44. Well done! You'd think that some of these folks would be impossible to recognize in silhouette (Hellboy? lol Amazing.) but you pulled it off nicely. =)

  45. Never before have I been able to say that a combination of Pinochio, Ghostbusters, Waldo, Black Knight, Doug, Lermit, Carmen SanDiego, Beetlejuice, the old guys from Muppets, Homer, Frye, Inspector Gadget, Wylie Coyote and Roadrunner, and Alf made my morning.

    Thank you oh so very much, sir. And I would like to echo the sentiment of many other commenters ... ARE THESE FOR SALE AND WHERE CAN I GET THEM?! :D

  46. Zarkin' awesome! I love nerdyness! :D

  47. Astounding, I also know where my DVD and comic collections went....

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  49. this is wicked man! rate Shawshank Redemption!!

  50. These are fantastic. I love them.

    check out Moscow Memory's photo blog. Fantastic photos here.

  51. The Dalek one made my day. Huge Doctor Who Fan.

  52. That is some nice clean work. Props for the hand skills.

  53. Wow, that was quite a delightful blog post to scroll on endlessly. I commend you on your wonderful talent and dexterity. :D

  54. Wonderful, just love your work, and your sense of humour.

  55. A few of my friends and I are fighting about who's who on some of the pictures! Please add some captions before I punch her in the face ;)

  56. I think I got most of them...:P
    This is amazing! I especially love the 'where's Wally', and the scream mask, awesome job!
    Love it :)

  57. It would be great to see one of Elvira!

  58. Oh my goodness gracious the Up! one makes me want to cry! Are you selling these? I'd love to buy that one!!!! (well and many of the others, but my wallet would probably limit me to one)

  59. Oh, my goodness. Can I please please please buy the Carmen Sandiego and Waldo one? Please?

  60. These are so utterly amazing. I wish I could see these in person! They are incredible. I've always loved paper and wood cut art and I'm currently trying to learn how to make them myself. Any professional tips or tricks you can offer a beginner?

  61. That is so awesome. I am so amazed at these. Wonderful job. Wonderful.

  62. These are beautiful. Unfortunately, I find the lack of identifications frustrating. It is possible I am simply missing some of the pop-culture references obvious to people ten or twenty years younger than me (I feel suddenly old at 43), but in many of these cases this feels like an inside joke from which I am being excluded.

  63. Wow, I absolutely love these. Are you going to be creating more, or not? I know this has already been asked, but is there potential to purchase any works in the future?

    I saw quite a few I recognized and would love to own some of the specific ones I recognized, simply for nostalgia of memories I have related to certain pieces I saw.

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  66. I really want the Jar-Jar, he is not my favorite but I love the way you dressed it up to make it look so fancy. As if you feel sorry for all the hate he gets

  67. Very nice/cool pics and blog!!!!

  68. What fun and incredble talent. My 4 year old *giggled* with glee when he saw the first two and then he was hooked as much as I was!

  69. pinky and the brain!

    you sir, are a genius.

  70. Wish I could have been at the show! Beautiful work.

  71. Hi there,

    I actually find them quite reposing and they have a calming effect on me.

    Thank you for showing these.

    Have a good day.

  72. those are so cool! do you know who made them???

  73. awesome!! it's like the artist has the same tastes as i do. I couldn't believe the three breasted lady from total recall.

  74. These are really cool! What medium is used? Are they paintings, ink work, lithographs?

    Im curious!

  75. really like it
    amazing! you have talent
    maybe you must try to make spongebob and patrick :)

  76. These are so cute! They look like they took forever to make; they have so much detail! Great job on these :D I love them!

  77. I saw some Street Fighter characters, I'd love to see one of Vega! He's my favorite ^_^

  78. @Arif

    I completely agree! They need to throw in Squidward too!!!

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  80. These are spot on! Dr. Dre & Eminem needs to be added..great work mate

  81. That is so LOL funny. My mind was just blown...


  82. ROFL!! Amazing job yo! There were some ones that really made me laugh, like ET, V for Vendetta or Wally!!
    Keep the great work up!

  83. Sir you are out of your mind, and it's fantastic! good on ya sir.

  84. Amazing collection of imagination....

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  87. Coolio! Where can I find a list of answers so I can figure out what I missed?

  88. i don't get it =/... however, i do recognize a lot of these

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  90. Amazing! Love the simplicity!

  91. Nice work. I had one done at Disney World several years back of my then infant son. The eye hand coordination you demonstrate is phenomenal.

  92. these are awesome, keep up the good work + followed

  93. These pictures are nice to look at. My son liked the Batman and Superman pictures!

    Dave Russo

  94. The Joker! How amazing! How very talented you are!!

  95. lol. Love the Futurama ones, as well.

  96. Great Artistry Work buddy,Hats off to you.i never saw paper cuttings like these.These are so fine.Again great work buddy.

  97. Awesome! You're really creative person! I'm wondering where do you hang up all those pictures)

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  100. Esta muita bom vc tem que fazer mais!!!!!!!!!

  101. Wow these are just great! They are a lot of fun to take a look through! I recognized a lot of these and they just capture the characters so well! Good job! If you would like you can look at my blog and give me some of your thoughts on my art, I appreciate getting advice from every type of artist I can, and this is by far the coolest silhouette pieces I have ever seen!
    Thanks and this is great!

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  105. Amazing work! Im really interested in purchasing the Saved by The Bell one ( I work for one of the cast members). Is it still available? If so, please email me. Im a serious buyer.


  106. Wow, as a bibliophile and movie buff, this is definitely inspiring. Haha, I've been wanting to do some paper cuts but had no idea what I would do with them--- now I want to create movie ones and put them in my tv room. Awesome!

  107. very beautiful work, I love paper cuts, somtimes you can "see" the face of the person. Greetings from Sweden, Irene

  108. Wonderful work, I really enjoyed viewing these and would even considering buying some of them. But no Princess Leia? Really? Is it because she only has two boobs? ;P

  109. This is a great example of award winning yet simple. I tell my audience all the time at best iphone 4 apps that apps can be great and don't have to be sophisticated. These paper cut out are a good example of that. My favorite was the one of waldo. That guy in stripes always keeps me laughing.

  110. great pictueres! i really like the one whit "Joker" and the one from the movie "cast away" the men with the ball who called wilson :)

  111. This is really cool, is fun trying to remember all the names!

  112. Ver su blog me ha traído recuerdos de hace unos 40 años. Había entonces en Sevilla un artista callejero que con solo unas tijeras y cartulinas hacía sobre la marcha, la silueta de algún viandante y por una módica cantidad de dinero se la vendía. Llegó a tener tanto éxito que a veces había colas
    para conseguirlas, yo tuve una de mi padre y mi madre que se extravió en una mudanza y nos dio mucha pena.
    Ya solamente felicitarle, porque la suyas son muy bonitas propias de un artista.
    Un saludo

  113. As a suggestion, only because I didn't see one, Pinhead would be outstanding. Just fantastic work!

  114. Great! But i can not find:
    Beavis and Butthead
    James T. Kirk

  115. Great work. I can guess all but 24. Favorites are Seinfeld, Jay and Silent Bob, Mulder and Scully, and Pulp Fiction. Some ones you should make: Breaking Bad, Tony Soprano, Conan (orange hair), some old school action heroes. But not Chuck Norris. Cuz nothing cuts Chuck Norris!

  116. Here's my best attempt.

    1. Woody 2. Buzz
    3. Leon the Professional
    4. Rorschach
    5. Wayne & Garth
    6. Super Mario Bros.
    7. Shawshank Redemption
    8. Godzilla
    9. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.
    10. Dr. Who Daleks
    11. 3 Hugo Weaving characters (Matrix, LoTR, V for Vendetta)
    12. ?
    13. ?
    14. He-Man
    15. E.T.
    16. Tinman
    17. Pinocchio
    18. ?
    19. Ratatouille
    20. X-Files Mulder and Scully
    21. ?
    22. Castaway
    23. Gob and Franklin (Arrested Development)
    24. Ghostbusters Cartoon
    25. Tobias Funke (Arrested Development)
    26. Pinky and the Brain
    27. Reservoir Dogs
    28. Karate Kid
    29. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    30. Shaun of the Dead
    31. Waldo
    32. The Black Knight (Holy Grail)
    33. A Clockwork Orange
    34. The Tick
    35. Iron Giant
    36. Spirited Away ghost
    37. Chun Li
    38. Super Mario Shy Guy
    39. Troy
    40. Casablanca
    41. Superman
    42. Solid Snake
    43. Peach
    44. Pee Wee Herman
    45. Guile
    46. ?
    47. Spiderman
    48. Team Fortress
    49. Doug
    50. Zippy the Pinhead
    51. Rushmore
    52. Darth Maul
    53. Androids from Blade Runner
    54. Gordon Freeman
    55. The Bride and Oren-Ishii
    56. Kermit
    57. Original Riddler (Batman series)
    58. ?
    59. Carmen Sandiego
    60. The Joker (Nolan trilogy)
    61. ?
    62. Dick Dastardly and Muttley
    63. Jason
    64. Beetlejuice
    65. Team Fortress
    66. Up!
    67. Frank (Donnie Darko)
    68. Top Gun
    69. Team Fortress
    70. Zoidberg
    71. ?
    72. Statler and Waldorf (Muppets)
    73. ?
    74. Happy Potter
    75. Lenny and Carl
    76. Bill and Ted
    77. Mary Poppins
    78. Blade Runner Android
    79. ?
    80. Calvin and Hobbes
    81. Jay and Silent Bob
    82. Saved by the Bell
    83. Link
    84. Sideshow Bob
    85. 86. 87. The Royal Tanenbaums
    86. Obi Wan Kenobi
    87. Bill Murray in Ghostbusters
    88. ?
    89. ?
    90. ?
    91. Zoidberg again 92. Prof. Fansworth
    93. Homer
    94. Grim Fandango
    95. Fry
    96. Guybrush Threepwood
    97. Bender
    98. Marge
    99. Mr. & Mrs. Pacman
    100. Maggie
    101. Boba Fett
    102. Dr. Venture 103. Helper (miss that show)
    104. Inspector Gadget
    105. Ant Man
    106. All James Bonds
    107. Seinfeld
    108. Ron Burgundy
    109. Gangs of New York
    110. Teen Wolf
    111. Capt. Jack Sparrow
    112. Snow White
    113. Scrooge McDuck
    114. Ralph Wiggum
    115. ?
    116. Judge Dredd
    117. Burger King
    118. David Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth
    119. Batman
    120. Fight Club
    121. ?
    122. Pyramid Head
    123. Star Wars
    124. Young Frankenstein
    125. Willy Wonka
    126. Indian Jones
    127. Clint Eastword from Dollars Trilogy
    128. Ned Flanders
    129. ?
    130. Alien
    131. Harrison Ford Blade Runner
    132. Ferris Buller
    133. ?
    134. Final Fantasy
    135. Admiral Akbar
    136. Pan's Labyrinth
    137. Yoda
    138. Robocop
    139. Freddy Kruger
    140. Wolverine
    141. Buster and "Loose Seal" (Arrested Dev)
    142. Wile E. Coyote / Road Runner
    142. Blues Brothers
    143. Old / New Cylons BSG
    144. ?
    145. Han Solo
    146. A.L.F.
    147. Lou Ferrigno as HULK?
    148. Frankenstein
    149. Edward Scissorhands
    150. ?
    151. Fear & Loathing
    152. Total Recall
    153. Bill Cosby
    154. Mr. Burns
    155. Vito Corleon
    156. Greedo
    157. Capt. Hook
    158. Swamp Thing
    159. Wicked Witch
    160. Vizzini from Princess Bride
    161. Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield
    162. ?
    163. Wonder Woman
    164. Thor
    165. Adam West Batman
    166. Ironman
    167. Lando Calrisian - Billy Dee Williams
    168. Bride of Frankenstein
    169. Brock Venture Bros
    170. Jar Jar Binks 171. Darth Vader

    1. You missed Inigo Montoya, above Vizzini.

    2. Here's some of my guesses if I may :)

      12. The Dude ( The Big Lebowski)

      21. The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan)

      46. Planet of the Apes

      73. Jack and Danny Torrance (Shining)

      90. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

      121. Conan the Barbarian

      129. Ellen Ripley (Aliens)

      150. Terminator

      169. Hellboy

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  118. Can't see anything. Over Bandwidth. Asks owner to upgrade.

  119. It reminds me Rorschach Inkblot test like here:

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